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Fund the support of Ukrainian families

Fund the support of Ukrainian families


19 Ukrainian families in 1.5 month stayed at our place. Some had a stop over, some came to settle down in the region, some just didn’t know what to do next...Each family with their story and their pain. What we try to do is to give them some days of reassurance, feeling of safety and welcome, food and necessary products, guide them through the process. To make them feel OK as much as possible. In the beginning many of you asked me: “how can I help you?” I said “it’s fine! We manage!”

But this war is lasting longer than expected, and our resources are running out. But how to say NO to families who flee their homeland with nothing but a small bag?

We want to share our house, give proper food, pick up people from the train stations at night, provide clothes and necessary hygiene products, gift books and toys to kids... Basically to continue what we are doing!But in order to keep doing that, we now need a bit of your help.Some of our friends spontaneously sent us a bit of money and vouchers to support the families, and they gave us this idea to open a fund which will be dedicated to these families who’ll stop at our home. If you feel like helping, chip in.


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