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Help us to power 20 civilian bomb shelters in Ukraine!

Help us to power 20 civilian bomb shelters in Ukraine!

The russo-Ukrainian war is marking 2 months on 24th April 2022. Millions of Ukrainians are displaced, thousands of homes are destroyed, and thousands of us are dead. The city of Mariupol, previously home to 500 000 people - roughly the size of Antwerp in Belgium - doesn’t exist anymore.With the second phase of the war raging in the East of Ukraine, we are asking for your help to provide power generators to civilian bomb shelters and hospitals in Ukraine - approximately 1000 EUR can save lives of hundreds of people.

One generator provides enough power for the basic electricity to power medical equipment, such as newborn wards, electric stoves for cooking food and communications devices.Who are we?Ukrainian and Dutch colleagues working for Salesforce in The Netherlands and Ireland.How many generators do we need?A LOT. But we want to bring at least 20 in the next two weeks,which means we need to collect 20 000 EUR.How will it arrive in Ukraine?this is not our first rodeo. We have been partnering with local Dutch NGOs and logistic companies to deliver help to Ukraine and created an efficient and fast supply of goods.

How much should you donate?anything you can, every little donation helps. For example, what’s your guilty pleasure? Give it up for a week or a month and donate the equivalent of the saved amount.What else can you do?

please share this fundraising page with your colleagues and partners. We want to reach as many people as possible to purchase the generators ASAP. Should we overachieve the 20k EUR target, then we could buy more generators and water filters, which are also critical for Ukrainians.

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