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Montattico Playground

Montattico Playground


In honour of our beloved brother Enrico we have created this page. The Montattico community playground is undergoing some refurbishment by the Commune and we hope to add to this by raising additional funds to donate some extra features to the playground in memory of Enrico.

We had many memories in ‘La Piazza’ even before there was a playground there. Around the tree that stood tall in the centre of what is now known as the playground was where we spent our days throughout each summer. The wall surrounding it was a shop where we would sell flowers and the borders around each flower-bed was used as a tightrope, which at the time felt 20 feet high off the ground. Once the playground was built, although some may argue we were too old, we still made many memories there.

Eventually there came a time where we finally accepted that we were too old to play on the swings or too big to fit down the slide. However, for Enrico this wasn’t the case. He still used the playground to his advantage, the monkey bars became pull-up bars, the soft ground became the perfect place for push-ups and occasionally his little cousins became weights.

Enrico is a treasured memory within our community, he is remembered for having time for everyone who needed it, no matter their age, for bringing laughter and music to many lives and creating memories that will last a lifetime. For this reason we felt it was right to honour him in this way so that the many generations to come are able to enjoy and to see his name proudly displayed on the wall.

Help us to honour a loving son, caring brother, an amazing uncle and nephew and a true friend to all, so that we can dedicate a small piece of our community to Enrico.

Thank you.

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Montattico Playground