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Appeal for donations for the children of the Shresthra's NGO

👋 Hi, I'm Clea

I work as a volunteer for Shrestha GO, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged children, slums and orphans in Jaipur, India.

💡👩‍🏫 The idea is to break the cycle of poverty that diminishes the life chances of these children by offering them: education.

Without a good education, their economic prospects will be as limited as their parents', condemning them and their future children to a similarly difficult life.

🎅🎄 With the vacations upon us, I would like to appeal to your generosity to provide better school equipment for the children of Shrestha.

• Donate as much as you like• All payments are 100% secure

🙏 Thank you for your support!

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Neumann Clea

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Children of Shrestha School